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Invasive and Noninvasive Ventilation Devices

Full line of portable and stationary home ventilators

Ventilation Therapy in the Comfort of Your Home

Choose at-home ventilation therapy to make breathing easier for you. Our aim is to improve your quality of life, and at the same time, save money for you and the healthcare system.


Respiratory Solutions of Kingwood offers you a comprehensive at-home ventilation therapy program that includes reliable adult and pediatric clinical support to handle various respiratory conditions. The objectives of the ventilator program are:

  • To make the transition from the hospital to your home as smooth and safe as possible

  • To provide you with equipment and supplies specific to your needs

  • To minimize your chance of acquiring a respiratory infection

  • To help you and your family become as independent as possible by providing at-home ventilator care

Effective Noninvasive Ventilation (NIV) Therapy

If you wish to avoid intubation or tracheotomy, noninvasive ventilation therapy is your go-to solution for breathing support with less risk of infection.
NIV has been proven to improve the survival rates of patients with respiratory failure. Various other merits of NIV therapy include:
  • Increases respiratory function and decreases the work of breathing
  • Reduces daytime somnolence
  • Improves overall sleep quality
  • May reduce hospital time and prevent disease from worsening
  • Improves quality of life
Call Respiratory Solutions of Kingwood to discuss your needs for noninvasive ventilation.